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Utilize removable, reusable insulation covers/blankets

for accessing, monitoring and protecting YOUR industrial



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By reducing the turnaround time of maintenance

procedures and reducing energy consumption,

the cost savings realized with removable, reusable

insulation covers/blankets benefit any commercial


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The compact, efficient and environmentally friendly

protection offered by removable, reusable insulation

covers/blankets provides advantages for the migrant

nature of the marine environment.

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Industrial Covers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Check out our Benefits page to learn how!


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Industrial Covers offers custom solutions

for unique applications, including yet not

limited to; Headbangers, tracer wrap,

acoustical covers, document protection

covers, and more.

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Industrial Covers offers certified superior protection with Fire

Proofing Covers.

Tested to withstand 2000 Degrees F.

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At Industrial Covers we offer our customers a product that is custom manufactured to the highest quality at an affordable value. Proper measurements are necessary to achieve the highest level of BENEFITS from insulation covers/blankets solutions. Industrial Covers uses these measurements to ensure our covers are “Designed Right To Fit Tight”

We are committed to serving our customers in a professional manner. Our qualified technicians will come to your site and measure the equipment for a custom fit. They will design your cover based on these measurements and temperature limits required to ensure the most energy efficient covers OR they will guide you through the measurement process so that in the future you need only fax or email a copy of the drawing with all of the dimensions. Once Industrial Covers’ technicians have obtained all of the information they require,  they will then provide you with an estimated quote.

See our Products and Benefits  page for more information.

All Industrial Covers’ products are designed to meet the ASTM International “C-1094-01″ Standard Guide for Flexible Removable Insulation Covers, Military Specifications,  and are manufactured onsite in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. linkedin-logo

Industrial covers will provide MSDS or data sheets upon request.